Robotic Renaissance: Past, Present, and Future  of Bio Based Robotics

  Robofest 2013  

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Robofest 2013: "Promote imagination, creativity,harmony, collaboration, technological arts and beauty"

Thank you for visiting our site. This website is one part of our large  Robofest 2013 Jr. Exhibition Project.


Please visit our sponsor page and   Lighthouse Christian Homeschool Academy


Our robotics research project  Robotic Renaissance: Past, Present, and Future of Bio Based Robtics includes project note books, expo boards, various multi media, and features an interactive bio based robotics application of a live performing arts show. 


Our demo of  interactive bio based robotics and their kinematics is called Renaissance Robots: How to Train a Robotic Dragon and features two bipedal  humanoid robots,  a quadrapedal animal robot , and a flying bio based robot.

On March 16, 2013 our team and project won First Place Jr. Exhibition in the Florida 2013 Robofest Event along with the People Choice Jr. Exhibition and two team sportsmanship awards.  


On May 18th, our team competed, as one of 17 finalist teams in the Robofest 2013 World Championship for Jr. Exhibition, placing 6th overall and winning the 1st place People’s Choice Award Trophy for Jr. Exhibition. 

We thank God for making this project based upon His great works possible; for our Robofest 2013 Florida, Regional, and World Championship victories; for our travel fund sponsors; and for the privilege of competing in the Robofest 2013 World Championship for Jr. Exhibition.

“God alone can create something from nothing. Man has never created anything. Man only studies and imitates God's great works."

-Coach Marylee